Booking a charter flight

Would you like to book a charter flight? First Class Aviation can help you. We have got over 25 years of experience and have booked over hundreds of charter flights worldwide for groups of 10 to 500 people. We will get you safely to any destination.

Whether it’s a charter flight for your 10 year corporate anniversary or for a private matter like a wedding, each charter flight will be conducted to your wishes as long as it’s safe and allowed by the general aviation legislation. We guarantee maximum comfort, combined with privacy and flexibility you’ve never experienced before.

Booking a charter flight with additional VIP services

Our customers always fly First Class,  but we have also got many extra services on offer. Deluxe catering, VIP treatment at airports, supplying parking tickets, goodie bag with your own company logo are only a few of the many options. Read more on this at our VIP Services.

Examples of charter flights

  • A car importer flies to Munich with 150 guests to introduce the latest model
  • For the 10 year anniversary of a company we’ve organized a charter flight to Glasgow for 50 passengers
  • A couple is getting married in Jerez and they let First Class Aviation arrange the charter flights for their 85 friends and family
  • For a big player in the gas and oil industry we’ve arranged a series of charter flights to take 18 of their employees back and forth to Copenhagen

Receive further information?

Would you like to know the costs for a charter flight? Please contact us or fill in the quotation form. We will send you a price estimate or quotation within 24 hours. If you need a direct price estimate you can call us 24 hours a day on +31 (0) 40 235 04 50.

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