Business flights on a private jet

Would you like to travel by yourself, with your employees or perhaps some of your relations to a meeting or a congress? With a business flight you travel fast and comfortable to any (European) destination and you will be home with your family for dinner.

A private business flight means saving time and enjoyable travel

You can save a lot of time by travelling with a private business flight because of the short check-in time, direct flights and being able to visit multiple destinations in a short time. You will travel in a pleasant way, you can enjoy a fabulous lunch on board and you will arrive at your destination well rested. If you wish there will be a chauffeured car waiting for you.

Maximum flexibility with business flights

Did your meeting end early? Or worse, did it get delayed? No problem. You no longer have to wait for your plane; your plane waits for you.

Examples of business flights on a private jet

  • With a private jet you will fly to Luxemburg in the morning, you’ll pick up two management members and then continue your flight to Lyon for your important meeting. On board you can go through the important details with your colleagues.
  • Because of a product introduction you charter a private jet to visit several cities throughout Europe to launch the product “live”. Your private jet will be stickered with the product you’re launching to guarantee maximum exposure.

Receive further information?

Would you like to know the costs for a business flight with a private jet? Please contact us or fill in the quotation form. We will send you a price estimate or quotation within 24 hours. If you need a direct price estimate you can call us 24 hours a day on +31 (0) 40 235 04 50.

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