Private flights on a private jet

Are you planning to go away for the weekend, on a summer break or a ski trip? Use a private flight, because then your holiday truly starts!

Start your private flight relaxed

Holidays are supposed to be a relaxing experience and First Class Aviation can make that happen. We will make sure your private flight will be excellent to the last detail. We want perfection; we can assist you while booking, departing, flying and even after your arrival we’ll take care of you. You can also find more on this at our VIP-Services.


You’ll arrive at the airport approximately 15 minutes before takeoff. You can park at the entrance and you will be welcomed by your crew. Your luggage will be taken care of and we’ll escort you to the VIP-lounge where you can have a fresh cup of coffee. While we take your luggage on board you will be getting ready to board the plane yourself and fly to your destination. On board your favorite newspaper or magazine will be waiting for you and the staff is ready to serve you a nice meal. Tell me, isn’t that the perfect start of your holiday?

Examples of private flights on a private jet

  • You will leave on a Friday afternoon to your holiday home in Cannes and will fly back on Sunday night. After spending a lovely weekend with your family you can start your job well rested on Monday
  • Enjoy a skiing trip with friends for the week in St. Gallen and on board of “your” private jet your holiday already starts with a fine glass of champagne and some delicious appetizers.

Receive further information?

Would you like to know the costs for a private flight with a private jet? Please contact us or fill in the quotation form. We will send you a price estimate or quotation within 24 hours. If you need a direct price estimate you can call us 24 hours a day on +31 (0) 40 235 04 50.

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